Expert Advice (Product)

What is SPARCS?

SPARCS is a unique innovation that brings more to your shisha experience. SPARCSMIX are flavour enhancers in the form of orbs/beads that are added to the molasses. You can add SPARCSMIX either before filling the shisha bowl or on top of already packed shisha bowl with tobacco or non-tobacco product to elevate your shisha mixes. All SPARCS flavours are tobacco and nicotine free.

Is there a recommended dosage for using SPARCS?

SPARCS is a flavour enhancer for either tobacco or non-tobacco shisha products. We recommended using the product in the following ways:
1. Pre-mix SPARCS with tobacco or non-tobacco before filling the shisha bowl. This is ideal when using a foil to cover the shisha head. The new mixed taste should last for the whole session.
2. Drop 10 SPARCS orbs on top of an already packed shisha bowl with tobacco or non-tobacco product. The SPARCS effect will last for approximately 10-15 minutes before you may want to replenish.

Can I mix SPARCS with other products?

SPARCS is a flavour enhancer; it can be used with tobacco or non-tobacco shisha products.

Are there any user guidelines available to avoid a bad mixing experience?

  • Leave a gap of 3-4mm between the heat source and the SPARCS to avoid overheating.
  • When pre-mixed, mix SPARCS well with tobacco or non-tobacco products to ensure the uniformity of SPARCS distribution in the shisha head.
  • Do not crush, break or smash the SPARCS before use.

What is SPARCS made of?

SPARCS orbs are made of food grade flavours, glycerin, fructose, binders and core carrier. These orbs are added to the molasses before or during your shisha session to elevate your experience.

What is the difference in using SPARCS with foil and heat management device (HMD)?

When using foil, it is best to pre-mix SPARCS with the tobacco or non-tobacco shisha molasses. Whereas, when using the HMD, SPARCS can either be pre-mixed or sprinkled on top of the shisha head towards the end of the session to revitalize it.

Can I use SPARCS to smoke on its own?

No. We do not recommend using SPARCS on its own.